Edgar Leather

About Us

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been building things with leather. Edgar Leather started out as Uranus Custom Leather in a small shop downstairs from the “Incredible Crepes” restaurant in the early 1980’s. It was there, in the Santa Cruz, CA mountains that I met my wife, Deb, who decided to work with me; starting a partnership that has taken many directions.

The lure of the tropics brought us to the Florida Keys where we joined a group of working artists and craftspeople at the “Rain Barrel” gallery. Here we specialized in custom work – one of a kind items including briefcases, handbags, and doctor bags with antique closures that had been collected over the years.

Fifteen years and one beautiful daughter later, we moved to Tallahassee to live in the woods. In the eight years we’ve been here, Deb has returned to teaching, our daughter has become a college student, and I share the shop with Maddie – a lovable, loyal, slightly dingy golden retriever. Throughout my career I’ve received numerous awards for my work from art shows around the country. My mission is to bring back old world craftsmanship to a mass produced culture.. ..to nurture appreciation for the tradesman who speaks through his/her hands.

Edgar Leather
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